Roland P



 Roland P achived his Disc-Jockey exam in his early years when he was only 16 years old in 2004. After one year he participated in a national dj competition and he finished third. After the competition the residents of the Nádas Dance Club (Agárd) Gróf & White gave him a Possibility to gain his dj skills. In the same year he became a member of the Dj Turmix radio show. Which was broadcasted on the local radio called Fehérvár Rádió. From 2006 he also became a resident of the Nádas Dance Club so he got the chance to play with the Biggest names from the hungarian dj scene:  Jay Lumen,Dandy,Snake Sedrick,Canard,Mike Newman,Belocca,Tommyboy etc...

He started his producer carreer a bit later in 2010. He received support from his friend Balázs Kása aka Canard in the very beginning and gave him a lot of advice.
His first release was the Vuvuzela ep which came out on Lip Recordings, with 2 remixes from Canard and Mike Newman.
After this ep he got remix requests one by one, Gabor Szabo got a major role in this.
His remixes and releases came out in various labels including




Pornostar,Wired,Muzik X Press,Vamos,Gramma,Crystal Sound,Bamboo,Suka etc...
World wide famous DJs played his tracks for example just to mention the biggest names of them:
Roger Sanchez played Rolands track „Lali” two times in his radio show Release Yourself
also Till West used this track in his podcast named House-Ingredients.

 Lastest Radio Episod